Jill started her career in the film business as an actress.  She then ventured on to producing and led her own production company based in Oklahoma and Florida.  She has produced hundreds of commercials and numerous documentaries for independent clients and networks.   Jill has also produced a string of US based indie feature films including COCKFIGHT and THE DEEP BELOW.  She entered international production with RETURN TO SENDER, directed by Bille August, she then established Dreams Beyond Pictures together with Helge Sten-Knudsen.  Jill is also a co-founder and managing partner of a US-based music production company.




keeping a peaceful heart in chaotic times.

It exists within yourself right now, hidden in plain sight! 

Satori is not a religion.

It is not a belief system.

It is not even a lifestyle.

Satori is simply a mindset that delivers you from anxiety, frustration and suffering.

About the Authors

Slane and Murphy came together at the exact moment that their separate dreams of a happier, more peaceful world collided, culminating in the writing the book,

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